While there are many ways to break the pregnancy news to your husband, a video by a meme page on Facebook drew sharp reactions from netizens who called the method used here “disgusting”. The video was posted on Facebook by a page called Sarcasm on July 9. Titled ‘Pregnancy Surprise’, the video shows a woman putting her positive pregnancy stick in a popsicle maker and fills it with juice. She then puts the popsicle maker in the freezer and takes it out after 30 minutes.

While the video appeared to be scripted as the woman’s husband knows that he is getting filmed, and is looking unbothered while his wife prepares the unique popsicle.


The woman then serves the popsicle, which has the pregnancy test kit replacing the ice cream stick, to her husband who is sitting on a sofa while scrolling through his phone. The husband readily accepts the popsicle without noticing the unusual stick. The man starts eating the popsicle and in between asks his wife if she wants to have any. His wife, excitedly looking at the camera, says she made the popsicle especially for him.

However, the man gets suspicious as he tries to see through the popsicle. When he asks his wife, she says there is nothing, and it’s just an ice cream. When the man finally realises, the wife jumps in excitement and says, “Yay, we are having a baby.” The man, who still has popsicle pieces in his mouth, replies, “Baby, it’s disgusting.”

The man asks his wife if she peed on this pregnancy test stick, and gets the unwelcoming answer. However, he then hugged his wife before saying that he is going to be a dad.

The unusual pregnancy revelation did not go down well with the viewers who criticised the woman for making her husband go through this ordeal, calling the method “disgusting” and “gross”. On the other hand, some users found the video hilarious.

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