When you get warmth and kindness from the most unexpected of the places, it fills your heart. Such is the story of an old woman who was visited by a langur when she fell sick. The video of the monkey hugging and petting her is going viral on Reddit. Netizens are in awe of the kindness displayed by the mammal.

In the video that was shared by a Reddit user aj-2103 on July 3,a monkey can be seen sitting beside an old woman lying on a bed, while another ladyin a yellow saree is standing folding her hands and smiling. When the old woman touches the monkey’s back, the animal moves and embraces her. Then, it lifts itsbody while sitting onthe lady. Itlooks around then slides towards her chest and pats on her head. After that, it leaves through the door. According to the caption, the old lady used to feed the monkey regularly, but when she fell sick and the mammal did not see her for a few days, itcame to her room to find out how she was doing. ‘

Moved by the heartwarming bond between the old lady and the monkey, people appreciated the kind behaviour of the animal. The video is being widely shared with more than 70,000 upvotes on Reddit and one lakh views on Youtube. Commenting on the post, a Reddit user wrote, “I wish I had a wellness-check monkey of my own. That would cure me instantly.”

Another user wrote, “I like to think that he gave her some secret monkey blessing and she recovered immediately.”

The post prompted a discussion about animal-human relationships on the Reddit thread. Some commenters explained the reason why the lady in yellow saree was folding hands — because langurs are considered similar to Lord Hanuman, a Hindu deity. Another user found it amazing how people are able to create such bonds with undomesticated animals. A Reddit user quipped that good humans and monkeys should form an alliance against bad humans.

Do you also have such bonds with animals?

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