Proving that age is indeed just a number, Harbans Singh — a 100-year-old vegetable seller — did not let his senility come in the way of survival through rough times. Every day, Harbans walks the streets of Mogu, a city in Punjab, hand pulling a cart filled with onions and potatoes, with the load weighing double his age sometimes. He is the sole breadwinner for his grandson and granddaughter, who lost their father two years ago and were abandoned by their mother soon after.

Harbans was born in present-day Pakistan. He was 27-years old when borders erupted between the two nations. According to Times of India report, Harbans hailed from a family of grain-weighers who fled Sarai Thane Wali village, Lahore, and came to India. He worked as a manual loader for two decades before settling down as a vegetable seller. It has been four decades since he started selling vegetables.

Harbans is dedicated to taking care of his grandkids’ education and well-being. A firm believer of the motto, “Kirat Karo Naam Japo” (Work and Worship), Harbans is genuinely a warrior whose frail stature conceals tremendous strength and determination.

Harbans’ video of pulling a vegetable cart went viral on social media platforms like Twitter. It garnered a massive amount of love and sympathy. People started showering their blessings and well-wishes for the diligent centenarian. Many expressed their desire to help the elderly man.

Soon after, help poured in. Captain Amrinder Singh, the Chief Minister of Punjab, saw the video and decided to help the Harbans with a financial aid of Rs 5 lakhs. Tweeting a picture of the old vegetable seller, he wrote, “Hats off to the grit of centenarian Harbans Singh of Moga.” He further declared, “Have sanctioned Rs5 lakh as immediate financial assistance for him and the education of his grandchildren.” Khalsa Aid, an international NGO, also noticed the efforts of Harbans to provide for his grandchildren and decided to pay him a monthly welfare pension for lifetime.

Harbans is a living example that no matter if there are hardships in life, one should always work their way through the problems. Rather than giving up, one should fight the challenges like a warrior. As the famous poet Robert Frost once said, “The best way out is always through.”

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