Even though it is uncertain how our interaction with an extra-terrestrial being would be like, it is still pretty exciting to fantasize about it. A TikTok user in a dog park in Forest Lake, Minnesota, ensued hilarity on the internet when she thought that a UFO was landing behind her while making a TikTok video. The video features where the woman is seen deep-diving into epiphany as reality hits her, and she realizes that the thing she thought was her “alien abductors” was nothing but a large white building with a circular top. In the video, she says, “I was making a TikTok and Oh my god! I saw this in the camera behind me and literally was like, ‘I’ve been manifesting getting abducted by aliens forever, and it’s my time, it’s finally here.”

While she is talking, the background does seem like a gigantic UFO. But when she turns around, the building is visible, and the illusion is shattered in seconds. The sci-fi illusion that fooled the woman and may have fooled other people watching this video is due to the overexposure of light on her phone’s camera.

Her face makes the light exposure too much for the camera to capture the objects in the frame since the focus is moved on her face. However, when she turns, the exposure is balanced, and the building is clearly visible.

The woman ends the video with an utter disappointment on her face, and she says, “Okay.” The existence of extra-terrestrial life is an ever-lasting discourse that will only be put to an end in either of the two scenarios, first, if humans actually meet with aliens, and second, when the world ends.

There are no second thoughts that many alien enthusiasts would have related to the disappointment that the woman in the video experienced and would empathize with her. So, to all those disheartened alien-seekers, we want to say, hang tight! And keep looking up in the sky!

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