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A viral video features a little boy takes his first steps after his heart surgery and makes his moves to hug his mother.

A lot of people spend most of their time cribbing about small problems without realising the fact that how blessed they are to be living their life without frequent visits to hospitals. This heartwarming video of a toddler walking for the first time after his heart surgery is just a subtle reminder of our blessings. At an age when he was supposed to learn his firsts, this toddler had to undergo major heart surgery but that did not crush his spirit. He fought all the challenges to get up and walking on his feet. The heartwarming video, which was shared on Twitter by a page named ‘ A page to make you smile’, features this toddler taking his first steps after his heart surgery.

Recorded in a hospital ward, this 10 seconds clip starts off with the nurse assisting and holding the boy as he makes his moves to hug his mother. The emotional moment of the mother-son reunion has left many netizens with teary eyes and will probably make you emotional as well.

“This little one taking their first steps following heart surgery is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face” read the caption that was shared along with the heartwarming clip.

Here is the video:

Since being shared online on July 12, the video so far has got nearly 3 thousand views along with several reactions from users. The replies to the viral video were filled with comments in praise of this heartwarming video and users lauded the little one for bravely fighting all the odds that came in his way.

People dropped heart emojis in the comment and mentioned that this video made them go through a wave of emotions. The little one also received blessings from netizens who wished for his speedy recovery.

Check out some of the reactions here:

Truly heartwarming!

What is your reaction to the video?

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