In the past one-and-a-half years, people have experienced a surge in the adoption of online services. Online transactions have become all the more important with Covid-19 induced lockdown. Gadgets are an inseparable part of our life but even then some tech innovations still keep shocking people. One such innovation is seen in a Dubai-based salon that is turning its clients’ fingernails into compact, secret data storage devices. Lanour Beauty Lounge is allowing its customers to opt for a new type of manicure in which they can keep their digital details literally at their fingertips and share the information with others in seconds.

In the manicure service, the nail technician embeds a microchip on the fingertip of their clients, conceals it under a pretty nail paint and seals it onto the nail. Following this process, one simply needs to touch their smartphone to transfer the device’s data into a compact accessory.

The microchip uses near field communication technology to connect with the owner’s mobile devices. It can be used with Android or iOS operating systems. The chip can be updated with whatever information the patron wants to share.

According to Nour Makarem, the owner of the beauty lounge, the chips can have information that can be used as a digital business card. “We install the information that you want, like your name, your mobile number, your social media accounts and website as well,” Makarem told CNN.

You can access and share information easily. Customers can download their websites, social media and contacts onto this high-tech chip.

Moreover, the device can’t be tracked, making it a discreet way of carrying around personal and professional information. Hundreds of customers have already got this gem of a device on their nails.

Makarem created Microchip Manicure after the pandemic hit the world. She started it off as an experiment on social media to help with social distancing.

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