Exclusive! Ram Setu: 45 incoming junior artistes test COVID positive; Akshay Kumar and Vikram Malhotra’s stitch in time saves nine – Times of India


Woh kehte hain na, a stitch in times saves nine. Well, that’s exactly what has happened. A crew of 100 people were supposed to join at the Ram Setu set tomorrow (Monday, April 5) in Mumbai’s Madh Island, but Akshay Kumar‘s Cape Good Films and Vikram Malhotra‘s Abundantia Entertainment’s all-out measures to ensure that the set is COVID free has saved the infiltration of the virus big time. ETimes has it that 45 of those 100 tested positive in the test which Akshay and Vikram had made it mandatory for one and all who enter the set.

The news stands confirmed by FWICE (Federatioon of Western India Cine Employees) General Secretary Ashok Dubey who says, “Ram Setu has been taking full precautions. It is really unfortunate that 45 people from our Junior Artistes Association have tested positive. They have been quarantined.”

The shoot for Monday now stands cancelled because Akshay who has the central role in the film has contracted COVID. A source says, “It is unlikely that the shoot will resume before 13/14 days at least.”

We also hear, Akshay had no symptoms before the test and was feeling absolutely fit. The superstar was shooting for the same film at Madh Island yesterday.

Reveals the source, “Every precautionary test is done a couple of days in advance. Those who don’t clear the test are isolated and even paid by the ‘Ram Setu’ producers. This unit is so careful that even if a person is feeling low on a particular day, he/she is immediately isolated in the provisions that have been done in the vicinity of where the shoot is being conducted. You will find maximum number of PPE kits on the sets of ‘Ram Setu’. Lakhs of rupees have been sent on tests and isolations since Day 1.”

Adds the source, “Akshay himself has got tested many times and is very particular that every safety protocol is maintained on the set, come what may. But it seems that this ailment in its second innings is out to turn every plan in everyone’s life topsy-turvy. Let’s just hope that the recent curbs imposed in Maharashtra bring down the alarmingly growing numbers, and alongside, people leave no stone unturned in their efforts to get vaccinated quickly.”

In his statement earlier today, Akshay had urged that all those who may have come in contact with him should get themselves tested. “I wish to inform everyone that, earlier this morning, I tested positive for COVID-19. Following all the protocols I have immediately isolated myself. I’m under home quarantine and have sought necessary medical care. I would sincerely request all those that have come in contact with me to get themselves tested and take care. Back in action very soon!” his social media post read.

Ram Setu is co-produced by Cape Good Films, Abundantia Entertainment, Lyca Films and Prime Video.

We pray that Akshay Kumar gets well soon.

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