“Will the person who finds this bottle, return this to George Morrow, Cheboygan, Michigan, and tell where it was found? November 1926,” reads a note found in a green bottle discovered by Jennifer Dowker, a boat captain who organises underwater shipwreck tours. Dowker shared the find on the Facebook page of her business, Nautical North Family Adventures, on June 19. Soon, the post went viral. On the next day, which was also Fathers’ day, Dowker got a call from 74-year-old Michele Primeau, the daughter of the note-writer George Morrow. Primeau had identified his father’s handwriting from the photo of the note that Dowker had shared on Facebook. Primeau shared with CNN that while her father passed away long back, it felt nice to her to receive this on fathers Day weekend. According to her, George was sentimental and probably, he left the note on his birthday because it comes in November. Primeau does not use Facebook and she got to know about the online post when a stranger called to tell her about this.

On June 18, Dowker was scuba diving in the Cheboygan River in Michigan, to clean the bottom windows of her boat when she found the green bottle. The bottle was filled two-thirds with water. The seal of the cork had deteriorated but a portion of the cork was still inside the bottle.

When Dowker posted the pictures of the bottle and the note on Facebook, asking “any Morrows out there,” people started sharing the post. Wanting to track down the owner, many people dug up family trees and posted in comments. Before Dowker got Primeau’s call, she was wondering how she would be able to track the note owner down, given that she is a single mom who runs a small business with three teenagers.

After the call, Dowker and Primeau connected over a zoom call. Callingtalking to Primeau “a surreal experience,” Dowker posted an update on the Facebook page of her business.

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