Alanna Panday, niece of actor Chunky Panday, is at Lake Tahoe, California with her boyfriend, Ivor McCray. On Wednesday, she shared pictures from their getaway, on Instagram.

In the photos, Alanna and Ivor are seen chilling at their holiday home. She is sitting on a couch while he is seen strumming a guitar on the floor. Alanna is wearing a nude-coloured tank top and a pair of cream shorts. Ivor is shirtless and wearing a pair of striped pants.

Sharing the photo, Alanna wrote, “Weekend getaway with @avantstay.” Commenting on the same, Ivor wrote, “I bet this guy doesn’t even know how to play guitar.” Alanna’s mother Deanne wrote, “Wow and God bless always.”

A fan commented, “Lovely god bless both of you.” Another person commented, “Y’all getaway too much.”

Alanna also shared a video of a ‘hidden vintage movie theatre’. In the video, she gave her fans a tour of the movie hall, is seen eating some popcorn and pizza with Ivor and even showed a hidden bar at the back.

In a recent video posted on her YouTube channel, Alanna talked about how her family reacted to her decision to move in with Ivor. “They were so happy. I remember telling my mom first that we are getting a house and she was absolutely ecstatic. Besides me moving in with him, this was also my first house that I got on my own, I was paying my own rent, and it was just a big step in my life, besides moving in with my boyfriend. Just having my own place,” she said.

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“Parents are super open-minded about everything. Not just about living with Ivor, I think my parents are super open-minded in general. So, there was no convincing. I just called them one day and said, ‘Hey guys, this is the guy. I love him. We are staying together’,” she added.

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