It is said that each child is born with a special ability that makes them different from one other. The adorable and funny videos of children, which do rounds on social media, win millions of hearts. But sometimes, their phenomenal ability to memorise dialogues, names, and other things leave people stunned. This 6-year-old girl from Haryana’s Panchkula flawlessly identifies different airlines by looking at their plane tails. This showcase of talent is probably one-of-a-kind.

The video, which is being widely circulated, was shared on the YouTube channel of the International Book of Records. Along with the video in the caption, the organisation informed that Aarna Gupta, on July 1, has achieved the world record of ‘most airlines identified by their aeroplane’s tails in one minute.’ Due to her learning ability and sharp memory, the little one identified 93 airlines by their plane’s tails in just one minute. With this incredible feat, she has set a new world record in the International Book of Records.

While speaking to ANI, Aarna’s mother Neha Gupta revealed that the family noticed her sharp memory and thought of encouraging her. Neha said that the family wanted her to achieve something big with her extraordinary skill set.

This is not the first video wherein the child has displayed his/her sharp memory. A four-year-old Diya T from Chennai, back in 2019, entered the High Range Book of World Records. Diya became the ‘youngest girl to recite the names of 200 countries with capitals.’ She is able to recite the names and capitals by simply looking at flag flashcards. If this was not enough, meet this two-year-old Amayra Gulati from Panchkula. The little one left many impressed as she recited the names of all Indian state capitals in one minute and 13 seconds.

Though the child is able to answer all the state names promptly, she messes up with the pronunciation of some names.

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