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Twitter User Wants To Get Over His Buttermilk Addiction, Blinkit Reacts

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Summer season would be incomplete without some chilled, refreshing beverages. Rather than colas and fizzy drinks, there are many desi and healthier alternatives that we can add to our diet. Whether it is the humble shikanji or the classic chaas – there are so many desi summer drink options available in the market today in the packaged form. When it comes to summer drinks, we really don’t know when to stop, right? Thus, it came as no surprise when Twitter user Apoorv Taneja revealed that he is addicted to buttermilk and wants to get over his addiction! Take a look at the funny and relatable post here:

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The tweet was shared by @apoorv_taneja on May 22. In a short span of time, it received over 105k views and hundreds of comments and likes. In the picture, we could see four cartons of packaged spiced buttermilk kept on a table. “Please tell me how to get over amul masti addiction,” he requested in the post.
A number of users admitted that they were also equally addicted to buttermilk, especially during the summer season. “There is no going back bro, it is an addiction,” wrote one user. Others suggested that it could also be made at home for a healthier drink. “By realizing it’s not really that good compared to the one prepared at home,” wrote one user. “I got over the addiction by learning to make my own. Now I make litres of it at home,” agreed another one. Meanwhile, the popular grocery delivery app Blinkit stated that when it comes to buttermilk addiction, you can’t get rid of it.
Take a look at the reactions to the post:

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Buttermilk or chaas is an excellent way to cool down in the summer season. It is not just chilled and refreshing but also packs a host of health benefits for gut health and skin care too. There are a number of ways that buttermilk can be made at home. Click here for some of the best buttermilk recipes.

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