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Palak Paneer But In Samosa Form? Bizarre Dish Has Made Internet Curious

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When it comes to tea-time snacks, there are certain foods that are our all-time favourites. A crisp samosa is one delicious food item that we love to relish every time. Whether it is our office canteen or a street-side vendor, there is no resisting a crispy samosa. Usually, samosa is made of an all-purpose dough filled with potatoes and spices. Recently, however, a street food vendor carried out an interesting experiment on the usual samosa recipe. Wondering what it was? None other than a palak paneer samosa. Take a look at the full video here:

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The video of palak paneer samosa was shared by a popular Instagram page @officialsahihai. Shared on Instagram reels, the video has received over 4.1 million views and 90.3k likes. In the clip, the entire making of the palak paneer samosa was shown. The vendor is named Sahni Sweets and is located in Ambala. “Palak Paneer wale Samose Khaye Kabhi,” asked the blogger in the caption.
To prepare the palak paneer samosa, first an outer covering or ‘palak patra’ was prepared. This was then stuffed with a spicy paneer masala filling. So, instead of palak paneer sabzi, this samosa gave it an interesting twist. Then, these samosas were deep-fried until golden brown!
Internet users were quite curious to try the interesting and unique samosa recipe. Some felt that these bizarre innovations needed to stop. “Stop it in the name of god,” wrote one user while another said, “Experiment in food nowadays, but samosa should be in aloo!” Others commented that the oil was quite blackened and needed to be changed as it was unhealthy to deep fry in such oil. “5 for hygiene, -4 for black oil,” wrote one user.
What did you think of the palak paneer samosa? Tell us in the comments if you would try this.

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