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Kuno Cheetah Cubs: Two more Cheetah cubs die inside Kuno national park, one rescued | India News – Times of India

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BHOPAL: The ambitious Project Cheetah has suffered a major setback as two more cubs died inside Kuno National Park in the Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday. This comes just two days after the death of one cub from the litter of four born to Namibian Cheetah Jwala.
The recent fatalities bring the total number of cheetah deaths to six within the past two months since the translocation of cheetahs from African countries to Kuno. Preliminary investigations indicate that malnutrition may be the cause of death for these cubs.
Following the demise of the first cub, a dedicated team of wildlife doctors and monitoring personnel stationed at Palpur continuously monitored the remaining cubs and their mother, Jwala. Throughout the day, Jwala was provided with supplementary feed to ensure her well-being. However, during the afternoon monitoring session, the condition of the three remaining cubs appeared abnormal.
Officials informed that May 23 witnessed scorching temperatures, reaching a maximum of 46-47 degrees Celsius, making it the hottest day of the summer season so far. “The intense heat waves and hot winds persisted throughout the day, leading the management and wildlife doctors to swiftly decide on rescuing all three cubs and providing them with the necessary treatment,” said an official release.
Despite their best efforts, two cubs could not be saved due to their critical condition. However, one cub is currently receiving intensive treatment and close monitoring at Palpur Hospital, where the healthcare professionals are seeking constant advice from cheetah experts and doctors from Namibia and South Africa. The remaining female cheetah, Jwala, is in stable health and under continuous observation.
The deceased cubs were found to be weak, underweight, and severely dehydrated. Jwala, who was raised by experts, became a mother for the first time. The cubs, approximately 8 weeks old, were at a stage where they would typically exhibit curiosity and walk alongside their mother. However, they had only started accompanying her around 8-10 days ago. Cheetah experts note that the survival rate of cheetah cubs in Africa is generally low. Standard post-mortem procedures are being followed in this case.
The monitoring team discovered the cubs in a distressed state at the location where they were previously spotted, while one cub was seen moving with its mother. The team immediately alerted veterinarians, who promptly arrived to administer crucial medical care to the ailing cub. The last surviving cub has been rescued and transported to the hospital for further treatment.
The forest department expressed that the frailty of the cubs may have played a role in their unfortunate fate, as they had displayed signs of weakness since birth. Jwala, formerly known as Siyaya, was brought to Kuno National Park from Namibia in September 2022. She gave birth to four cubs during the last week of March this year, sparking hope and excitement for conservation efforts in the park.
Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has called for a meeting of forest officials on Friday. Wildlife activist Ajay Dubey has demanded urgent removal of state’s chief wildlife warden J S Chouhan.
National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) on Thursday has constituted a “Cheetah Project Steering Committee” to review the progress of the project, opening cheetah projects for eco-tourism and for suggestions on community interface and their involvement in the project activities. This committee shall be active for two years. After the death of three adults and three cubs, Kuno is now a home to 18 cheetahs.
Here’s a list of cheetah deaths within the project timeline:

  • Cheetah Sasha from Namibia passed away on March 26.
  • Cheetah Uday from South Africa died on April 23.
  • Cheetah Daksha from South Africa died on May 9.
  • The first cub of Jwala died on May 23, followed by the demise of two more cubs on May 25.

Watch Heat wave claims lives of two more Jwala cheetah cubs at Kuno National Park, bringing the total number of cheetah deaths to six

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