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Adorable Dog Helps Buddy Steal Food From Kitchen, 4 Million Views For Video

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The internet has plenty of content that we love to watch. On every scroll on our social media feeds, we encounter something that can entertain us and leave us smiling. Pet videos, for instance, are one of the most addictive kinds of content on the internet. We love to see our adorable pets performing all sorts of antics to make us smile. Recently, we came across a set of dogs that were not just cute but also food lovers. An adorable video surfaced on the internet in which a pair of dogs was helping a buddy steal food from the kitchen counter. Take a look:

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The video was shared by the popular page @bestfriendsaredogs. It went viral receiving over 4.8 million views and 238k likes. In the clip, we could see three corgi dogs arranging themselves in the form of a pyramid. There were two dogs at the bottom and one on top. The trio was trying to reach the food kept on the counter and the entire situation was quite hilarious! “I’m a corgi with short legs, but I know how to fix myself,” read the text in the video.
A number of internet users could relate to the adorable dog and his dilemma on how to reach the food. “That’s when friends got your back,” wrote one user. “This gives counter-surfing, a whole new meaning! His friends obviously have his back or rather he has theirs,” said another one. A couple of people also felt that the video was staged. “Staged. And how long did the poor dog go without food in order for you to make your video,” reacted a user.
This is not the only video featuring canines we have seen. Recently, a clip with a dog trying to steal food from his television screen went viral. Click here to read more about this story.

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