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Is Harman Baweja denying his relationship with Priyanka Chopra? | Hindi Movie News – Times of India

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Every relationship that you leave behind is part of your growth process. To deny it is to negate a fundamental part of your evolution as a human being.
Harman Baweja, once a star aspirant who made his debut on the same Friday as Imran Khan, seems to have forgotten the importance of accepting one’s past relationships as a precious legacy. He is not alone in this. The biggest of Bollywood superstars live in denial about their past relationships.
In an interview given ironically to promote a series called Scoop, Harman claims his linkup with Priyanka Chopra Jonas in the past was “tabloid media” journalism. While he did not explicitly deny the relationship, his answer did suggest as if it was a media propelled matter.
The fact is, they were very much involved with one another. Both Harman and Priyanka used to confide in this writer about their love for one another. It was a dream affair while it lasted. Priyanka would spend time in Harman’s home with his parents and sister.
They were so serious that they wanted to get married.
When Harman was all set to make his debut as a leading man in the ill fated Love Story 2050 Priyanka bailed him out when Kareena Kapoor opted out of the project after a week of shooting. Priyanka playing chivalrous in the reverse danger quickly galloped into the film, adjusted her dates (she was by then a busy actress), coloured her hair red and plonked herself into the role of a futuristic nymph.
For the record, Priyanka always gave more in her relationships than she got.

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