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Sun signs in love: Capricorn women as lovers

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Being dedicated towards professional success and achieving it is important. But is it worth the cost of your relationship? Read along to find out how Capricorn women feel when in love.

Let’s find out how Capricorn women feel about balancing love.(Unsplash)

Her character: They are highly goal oriented. These women are practical and hardworking with a list of goals they plan and achieve. They might appear a bit closed off at first but it’s just their observant nature. Once friends you will always have a place in their lives. Also, they are loyal to the bone.

As a lover: They appreciate the few and deep bonds they tend to make. Their actions rather than words will make you fall for them more in adoration. They’d rather have a long-term relationship rather than many short ones. Trusting people is difficult for them and they are not as forgiving if you betray it so beware.

How to date her: They are very active in their professional lives. So ensure that you show interest in it. At the same time try engaging them in your own life. Do not try to rush them into a relationship and let things take their place slowly. Pushing them towards something will only drive them farther away from you. Appeal to their competitive side by engaging in intellectual discussions and fun games.

The perfect date for her: Since they have a very dominant competitive side, an evening spent bowling together with good food and drinks will surely be very sporty. They would also deeply appreciate highly thoughtful gifts which you can buy by observing her likes and dislikes deeply.

Compatible signs: What’s the best match for them? A fiery relationship or a stable match. Taurean men will be able to completely understand and relate to Capricorns. Similarly, Pisces men will also be able to loosen up this workaholic sign as the latter brings stability into their lives.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are based on research and personal observations. Reader discretion is advised.)

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