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Sun signs in love: Capricorn men as lovers

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Capricorn is one of the most dedicated signs. However, are they the same when in love or do they treat it differently? Read along to find out.

Let’s find out if Capricorns are dedicated to loving.(Unsplash)

His character: They are difficult to understand at first but when you do you’ll realise their personality is unlike any other man. They are highly ambitious and dedicated to their dreams. Working hard comes second hand to them and therefore they are most successful in their ambitions. Apart from this, they are mature and wise in life and you can always expect them to be there for you when in need.

As a lover: They are different when in love. First, they don’t fall for someone very easily, it takes them time to understand someone and still be interested enough to pursue them romantically. Secondly, when they do fall in love, they give it their all. They will take you n expensive dates and make sure you are treated well.

How to date him: You may have to share your time with their work and ambitions so make sure you are okay with it before agreeing to be with them. You’ll have to crack their emotional side. They are rarely transparent with someone, so it will be upon you to take that initiative to have emotional conversations together. Also, be clear about what you want and show your intellectual side to them for sure.

The perfect date for him: Capricorns aren’t a big fan of social settings. So they would really appreciate it if you take the lead there. Also, rather than brainstorming for date ideas outdoors keep it intimate. They would love a house party with the closest of their friends or dinner together at either of your houses will do wonders for you both.

Compatible signs: Hmmm.. The most compatible ones for a Capricorn. Other earth signs like Taurus and Virgo shall be amazing. While Taureans will help them get in touch with their romantic side Virgos will keep them on their feet and competing for success in life.

(Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article are based on research and personal observations. Reader discretion is advised.)

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