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Karan Johar calls Instagram a ‘toxic lover’, takes a dig at nepotism debate in cryptic post – Times of India

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Karan Johar penned a series of posts on Instagram, revealing his thoughts about social media, nepotism and airport style.
The filmmaker referred to Instagram as a toxic lover and stated that social media can be like a “negative partner”. KJo wrote, “Instagram is a toxic lover… Who stalks you, demands your attention, messes with your head and gives you nothing but complexes… about your fitness, fashion and food. Can you break up? Do you have it in you? Is there no one you can have an affair on the side with? Don’t say Twitter! That’s not a lover that’s a hater.”

Sharing his thoughts about the Dior fashion show in Mumbai, the filmmaker wrote, “I loved so many looks at the Dior show! But meNtioning thEm is Perhaps a nO…#iykyK”. Karan took a dig at the nepotism debate with this post, as he highlighted ‘nepo’ in capital letters.

Another rant coming from the filmmaker was about celebrities were holding “press conferences” at the airport. KJo penned, “The airport is a runway, it’s also a press conference, next it may be a trailer launch venue. I subscribe to it all, no complaints, but maybe nice to also catch a flight once in a while.”

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