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Face Yoga: Add These 3 Techniques To Your Daily Routine For Natural Radiance And Morning Glow

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Face yoga: Face yoga consists of a few easy poses that you must massage or tap on your face in certain directions, which stimulates your facial muscles and enhances blood flow, giving you a radiant face. According to a 2018 study, facial “yoga” helps enhance skin look and can rejuvenate the ageing face by, most likely, causing underlying muscles to develop.

Your skin will always be healthy thanks to facial yoga in two crucial ways:

1) The muscles that make up our faces droop with ageing. By strengthening these facial muscles with facial yoga, our skin will remain firm.

2) It improves blood circulation, which gives skin a healthy glow and makes it appear youthful.

Peace of mind and spiritual harmony are important components of our daily beauty routine. We rarely consider the fact that the majority of our skin issues are related to multiple liquid imbalances in our bodies, poor blood flow, lack of exercise, and stress as well.

Malaika Arora, an actor, never ceases to motivate us with her dedication to fitness and wellness. Malaika frequently publishes her fitness inspiration series, demonstrating the health benefits of various asanas. The star recently shared three face yoga poses for glowing skin on Instagram.

Face yoga doesn’t need a great deal of effort or time. You can practise anytime and anywhere. You only need to set aside 15 minutes each day to begin enjoying the benefits.

Here are the three face yoga poses you should try:

1. Pufferfish face

Try to get as much air in your mouth as you can. To fill extra air, fill out your cheeks. You can also cover your lips with two fingers to prevent the air from escaping. Now, blow the air as quickly as you can from one side to the other. For bright skin and fuller cheeks, try this for a short while every day.

2. Simple tapping pose

Since the Koreans have demonstrated that this is the key to their younger-looking skin, why not give it a shot? Face tapping is a technique that helps the entire face’s blood circulation return, giving you a quick and simple glow. All you have to do to do this workout is lightly tap your entire face with the tips of your fingers. Also, you may practise it as you put moisturiser on your face.

3. The big ‘O’

Straighten your back, open your eyes, and make the letter “O” with your lips. As long as you can, hold this. You can begin with 10 seconds and gradually extend the duration to 30 seconds. This exercise is ideal for boosting blood flow, giving your skin a healthy glow, and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Therefore, include these facial yoga poses into your regular fitness regime to start seeing benefits in a few weeks! Your skin will stay smooth and wrinkle-free if you practise yoga regularly, making you appear at least ten years younger. 

To get the perfect skin you’ve always desired, help yourself by adopting a cleaner and greener diet by including more fruits, salads, natural juices, lentils, and leafy vegetables.

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