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Delhi Street Vendor Sells Chole Kulche In A Unique Style. Video Inside

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Delhi is indeed a food paradise of India. It is a city with a wide range of street food options. From mouthwatering momos to golgappe, tikki, and aloo chaat, you can savour any dish. Amongst the street foods, chole kulche is the most loved of all. You will undoubtedly come across a chole kulche shop or little kiosks wherever you go in Delhi. Since this street food is so popular, every other vendor wants to sell chole kulche. While you all must have gone to the best chole kulche outlets near your place, you must have not come across a chole kulcha vendor who sells his food in such a unique way.

A video is doing rounds on the internet where a street food vendor is selling chole kulche in a very interesting way. In the video clip you will see the vendor dressed up in plain clothes riding on the road on his bicycle to sell chole. He has fixed a functional stove on his bicycle, where he heats the kulcha in badam oil (almond oil).

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Next, he adds the pre-cooked masaledaar chole in a bowl and serves it with the hot kulcha. Moreover, to promote his scrumptious chole and kulche, he confidently calls it ‘sexy’ chole kulche.

Many Instagram users commented on the viral video. One said “Arey bahut khaye hain yeh South Delhi mein, good taste.” (We have a lot of it in South Delhi. It tastes good.)

Another user commented, “Bohat jabardast chij mil rahi bohat jabardast”. (This dish is terrific.)

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While others who did not like the video said, “I don’t like its taste, ferzy mein famous kar diya hai.” (I don’t like its taste, it got popular for no reason.)

Someone said, “Khaya hai bhai chole nahi deta tau dobara.” (I have tries this. He doesn’t give extra chole.)

What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments.

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