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Celina Jaitly calls out a Twitter user over his insensitive comments about the transgender community – Times of India

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Celina Jaitly took to Twitter to call out a netizen over an insensitive comment that he made on the plight of transgenders. Yesterday, Celina celebrated International Transgender Day and spoke out in support of transgenders in the country.
The star has frequently expressed her support for the transgender community. She has often said that it is distressing to watch the transgender people begging on the streets.

The user in question, whose name is Naam Kya Hay, had posted an insensitive comment saying, “I’m reminded of this gender only at traffic signals.” Celina promptly schooled the twitter user for this controversial comment. She said that she felt heartbroken to see such people being forced to beg by standing at traffic signals and that it was because of people like the user mentioned that they were forced to do so.

On the International Transgender Day of Visibility the day before, Celina posted numerous old photos of herself with well-known transgender people including Gauri Sawant and Laxmi Narayan Tripathi.
Celina currently lives with her husband, Peter Naag, who is a hotelier in Austria, with their three sons. She says that she quit Bollywood as the best roles only go to someone who comes from one of the filmy camps or to people who hail from a film family. She said that rather than feeling like a loser, she decided to come back later when she is more comfortable with the discrimination that she is likely to face.
In a previous interview with HT, Celina had spoken about being an outsider. Someone like her can try to push and do their best, but then are faced by a certain limit when they can’t do more. Celina had said in such a case, the person has a choice to succumb to bullying which may result in not getting the right offers. That further can lead to a situation where the person can end up feeling like a failure. The only choice for such a person then is to move on in life and do other things. “You recharge, rejuvenate, regenerate and come back again,” Celina had concluded.

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