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Shekhar Suman comes out in support of Priyanka Chopra’s ‘politics in Bollywood’ statement; reveals people ganging up against him to sabotage his career – Times of India

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A man not to mince words, actor Shekhar Suman opened up about people ganging up against his son Adhyayan Suman and him in the entertainment industry. Without naming anyone, Shekhar mentioned that he knows of atleast 4 people, who have tried to sabotage their careers.
Not only this, the actor also called them ‘dangerous than a rattle snake.’
In a tweet, Shekhar Suman wrote, “I know of atleast 4 people in the industry who have ganged up to have me and Adhyayan removed from many projects I know it for sure. These ‘gangsters’ have a lot of clout and they are more dangerous than a rattle snake. But the truth is they can create hurdles but they cannot stop us.”

Coming out in support of Priyanka Chopra

His tweet came after Priyanka Chopra recently made statements about the politics of Bollywood. Reacting to the same, Shekhar wrote, “Priyanka Chopra’s sensational revelation has not come as a shocker. It is well known the way the cabal within the film industry functions. It will oppress, suppress and persecute you till you are finished. It happened with SSR.” In another tweet he wrote, “It will happen to others too. That’s the way the cookie crumbles in the industry. Take it or leave it and Priyanka decided to leave and thank God she did. For now we have a true-blue global icon representing India in Hollywood. As they say every cloud has a silver lining.”

What Priyanka Chopra said

Recently, in a podcast, Priyanka revealed that she switched her career to the US because she had ‘beef with people’. The global sensation revealed that she decided to move to Hollywood as Bollywood filmmakers were “not casting” her and she also blamed industry ‘politics’.

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