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In diplomatic win for China, Honduras establishes ties, breaks up with Taiwan – Times of India

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BEIJING: Honduras established diplomatic ties with China on Sunday after breaking off relations with Taiwan, which is increasingly isolated and now recognised by only 13 sovereign states, including Vatican City. Foreign ministers from China and Honduras signed a joint communique in Beijing – a decision the Chinese foreign ministry hailed as “the right choice.” The diplomatic victory for China comes as tensions rise between Beijing and the US, including over China’s increasing assertiveness toward self-ruled Taiwan, and signals growing Chinese influence in Latin America. The new China-Honduras relationship was announced after the Honduran and Taiwanese governments made separate announcements that they were severing ties. China and Taiwan have been locked in a battle for diplomatic recognition since they split amid civil war in 1949. China claims Taiwan is part of its territory.
The Honduran foreign ministry said its government recognises “only one China in the world” and Beijing “is the only legitimate government that represents all of China.” It added that “Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory, and as of today, the Honduran government has informed Taiwan of the severance of diplomatic relations, pledging not to have any official relationship or contact with Taiwan.”
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said the switch was part of “China’s coercion and intimidation” of Taipei’s allies. “China has suppressed the international space of (Taiwan) for a long time, unilaterally endangering regional peace and stability,” read a statement from her office. Foreign minister Joseph Wu confirmed the severing of ties, accusing China of offering “financial incentives” to lure away Taipei’s allies.

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