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Watch: Saudi Arabia TV Show Mimics Joe Biden And Kamala Harris In Skit

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The video has accumulated more than 664,000 views and over 14,000 likes.

A parody video featuring US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris is going viral on Twitter. Aired on Suadi Arabia’s state-run television network, the skit poked fun at the real-life gaffes of Mr Biden, who has had a penchant for frequently losing his balance. 

The clip was shared on Twitter by a user called @PapiTrumpo. It showed the actor playing the 80-year-old President stumbling on the steps of Air Force One while the comic portraying Vice President Kamala Harris looked on in horror. 

Watch the video below: 

The clip also showed the actor portraying Mr Biden wrapping up a speech and waving from a podium at the White House. He is then seen saluting and stepping down from the podium, taking a couple of steps forward and extending his hand to another, only to realise there’s nobody there. 

Further, the video goes on to show the “President” trying to shake hands with an American flag before he is guided in the right direction by a startled “Vice President”. 

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The clip was shared on the micro-blogging site on Friday, and since then it has accumulated more than 664,000 views and over 14,000 likes. In the comment section, while one section of the internet found the parody humorous, others pointed out that it was plainly disrespectful.

“It would be extremely funny if it was a parody but in fact it is extremely sad because it is not,” wrote one user. “It’s funny and scary at the same time,” said another. 

Meanwhile, according to New York Post, this is the second time in the last year that the Saudi channel has aired a sketch mocking Mr Biden and Ms Harris. Back in April, “Studio 22” produced a sketch in which the “President” was seen as a forgetful old man who fell asleep at the podium and needed to be woken up by the “Vice President”.

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