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Sun signs in love: Leo men as lovers

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In relationships, clarity about a person matters. Not much is known about Leos apart from their continuous wish for success in life. Read along to find out if Leo’s are different from your perception of them.

Read along to find out if Leo’s are different from your perception of them.(Unsplash)

His character: Leo men are an enigma. While one may perceive them as rude and lavish, they might be the complete opposite. Yes, they love luxury but apart from that they deeply care for their loved ones. They love themselves just as anyone should. With Lions as their spirit animal, they love leading in life as well.

As a lover: If they love you, you are one of their top priorities and they will never shy away from showing that to you. One thing is for sure, they believe in love for life. So, if a Leo man shows interest in you, know it’s for forever. They might be a little possessive of their partners, so check out if you are okay with it, but their romantic side is something that can be vouched upon.

How to date him: Make them feel like the kings they are. Leos value friendship the most so try being their friend first and lover later. Your bond needs to be really strong for him to share his feelings with you, as they tend to be a little shy at times. Lastly, be the silly one out of the two as they will never venture out to just do what they want and might need a push.

The perfect date for him: A dress-up dinner date at a high-end restaurant will be the best. Treat them to good food, fine wine and make sure to pay the bill yourself. They like independent women who are financially stable. Apart from this, a friends’ night at home with loads of spicy food and talks will be fun as well.

Compatible signs: Libra and Aries will be the best signs for Leos to seek a relationship with. Skilled in communication Libras will partner up with Leos amazingly well. Aries, on the other hand, will help Leos take the risk they have been shying away from.

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