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Lbsnaa: IPS foundational course may be offered at institutes other than LBSNAA | India News – Times of India

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NEW DELHI: In an indication that candidates appointed to the Indian Police Service (IPS) through the Civil Services Examination may henceforth undergo their foundational course at institutes other than the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), Mussoorie, the Central government on Monday amended the Indian Police Service (Probation) Rules, 1954 to allow any institute designated by LBSNAA in consultation with the Central government, to train IPS probationers.
The Indian Police Service (Probation) Amendment rules, 2023, notified on Monday, allow LBSNAA to designate any other institute in consultation with the Central government, where the direct IPS probationers may eventually undergo the first part of their training – the mandatory three-month foundational course that they currently need to attend exclusively at LBSNAA, Mussoorie. It is only after completing this foundation course at LBSNAA that the IPS officers can undergo further training at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), Hyderabad.
The new rules allow the IPS probationers to complete their foundation course at an institute to be designated by LBSNAA in consultation with the Centre, before moving to SVPNPA for such further training.
Rule 6 of the IPS (Probation) Rules, 1954 has been amended to allow the LBSNAA director or the head of such institute designated by LBSNAA and Central government, to award to each IPS probationer such marks out of a maximum 470 marks, as they deem fit, on the results of the examination held at the end of the foundational course.
As per the amended Rule 10, the Central government shall prepare a merit list in accordance with aggregate marks obtained by the probationer at the competitive examination; in respect of the record in LBSNAA or any such institute as may be designated by the LBSNAA in consultation with Central government. Similarly, as per Rule 11 notified as part of the amended rules, an IPS probationer would be under the disciplinary control of Director,LBSNAA or any institute to be designated by LBSNAA, and director of SVPNPA.
In Rule 14 too – which deals with travelling allowance of IPS probationers – a probationer shall also be entitled to the same for his or her journey from any institute designated by LBSNAA (as against just LBSNAA now) to SVPNPA. A probationer shall not be entitled to any daily allowance during his halt at LBSNAA or any designated institute where he is undergoing foundational course, SVPNPA or at various places to which he may be posted in the course of his practical training in the state. Also, a probationer shall be entitled to travelling allowance for the journeys he may undertake while undergoing training at LBSNAA or any other institute designated by LBSNAA in consultation with the Central government, or at SVPNPA.

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