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“Super Cute”: This Cat-Shaped Dosa Wins Hearts On The Internet

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Today, it’s not just about how delicious your meal is. We also keep an eye on how beautiful it looks on camera. You will find chefs at the restaurants going extra miles to make even a common dish look exceptional. That’s not all. Many of the street foods today are presented with utmost uniqueness; and some of these dishes take the social media by storm too. We came across one such video that has grabbed attention on Twitter. It features the South Indian classic dosa in shape of a huge cat. Sounds adorable. Right? A Twitter user, named Manoj Kumar, shared a video that features a street-side vendor preparing a dosa, with face and ears of a cat.

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Alongside the video, Manoj Kumar wrote that Indian street food vendors are “the most innovative, resilient and impactful food influencers” and asked people to acclaim the person’s “artistic” skills. “I believe India’s street food vendors are the most innovative, resilient and impactful food influencers. More than any gourmet chef. Been wondering how to work with them to influence a nutritive food system. Please applaud this guy’s artistic skills,” the caption reads.

Find the post below:

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The post in no time went all over the internet and garnered nearly 471k views, more than 6k likes and hundreds of comments and re-posts. “Fabulous,” wrote a person. Another comment read, “Happy that in the name of art he is not mixing ice cream”. A third comment read, “Nice. Did not have cheese and other things that are common in other videos.” Another person commented, “Sooo beautiful!!”

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A person further wrote, “Nobody would have guessed how the video is going to end. I was expecting some strawberry jam or chocolate syrup.” Another comment added, “Presentation matters the most… Superb.”

How did you find the street vendor’s dosa-making skills? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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