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This Maggi Recipe Is Breaking The Internet – No-Cheese Cheesy Maggi!

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It’s likely that we’ve exhausted every possible variation of our beloved Maggi by now. Currently, social media is awash with food enthusiasts experimenting with this hearty instant noodle trend, resulting in thousands of videos showcasing their concoctions. The list of unique recipes, including Chocolate Maggi, Fanta Maggi, and Gulab Jamun Maggi, among others, is extensive. One recipe that has generated significant buzz online is the “cheesy” Maggi. You may be wondering what sets it apart, given that it’s simply regular Maggi with cheese added to it. However, this recipe is not what it appears to be, as it does not contain any cheese. Surprising, right?

If you browse the internet, you’ll discover numerous videos showcasing this unusual “no-cheese” cheesy Maggi recipe. We recently came across one video that demonstrates the recipe in just three steps. All you need is a packet of puff-corn to create this dish. The recipe has been shared on Instagram by ‘gazabfoods.’

Viral Recipe: How To Make No-Cheese Cheesy Maggi:

Step 1. Start with emptying a packet of puffcorn in a pan of water. Boil until the puff-corn melts.

Step 2. Then break the noodles in the mix and boil.

Step 3. Add Maggi masala, oregano, chilli flakes and mix everything together.

And you have a cheesy-looking Maggi ready to be relished.

Watch the recipe video below:

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While the dish looks oh-so-delicious, the process has left the internet talking. Some people approved of this unique dish, some criticised it and said, “You have ruined the dish”. Let’s check out some comments below.

“Made it right now after watching this reel. Loved it! Thank you so much!!!” a person said. Another comment read, “It’s not cheese Maggie. It’s just a lot of corn starch.” A third comment read, “Dekh kar to umeed nehi hai ki acchi banegi. But just because you are so confident ki ye acche banegi, I will surely try (The dish doesn’t look appetising. But, because of your confidence, I’ll surely try).

A comment also stated, “Aapki awaz hi achi hai bas. Maggi se please don’t do such experiments. (You have a nice voice, that’s it. Please don’t do such experiments with Maggi).”

Would you want to give this recipe a try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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