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Wait, What? This Belgian Restaurant Serves Drinking Water Recycled From Toilets

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Have you ever imagined drinking the water that is used in toilets and sinks? The very idea must have disgusted you to the core! While most of you will eliminate the idea, there are people, who take it as a step towards saving water and preventing water scarcity. You heard us! We recently came across a restaurant that serves free drinking water, recycled from its toilets and sinks, to its patrons. According to a report on Belgian news channel VRT News, the restaurant, named Gust’eaux in Kuurne, Belgium, is using a complex, five-step purification process to recycle and purify the water. “The water that results is too pure to be drinkable; so we add minerals to make it healthier,” stated a representative of Gust’eaux, as per VRT News.

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Now, you might wonder what can be the probable reason for serving recycled toilet water?! A report in Oddity Central explains it all. As per the report, Gust’eaux restaurant is not connected to the city’s (Kuurne) sewer system. This was making it difficult for them to function. Hence, they came up with this recycling system to get a close-circuit solution to solve its sewage problem. Here, “the toilet and sink water is initially cleaned with plant fertilizer; then a part of it is mixed with collected rain water and used for flushing toilets, while the rest is passed through a series of purification processes that make it indistinguishable from tap water,” the report reads.

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Reports further state that the Belgian restaurant then offers the recycled toilet water to patrons as drinking water, in form of ice cubes and in coffee. Reportedly, they also use the water for brewing in-house beer.

Sounds interesting and bizarre at the same time; isn’t it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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