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Viral Video: This Kid Is In No Mood To Share His Brownie, Internet Is In Splits

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If there has to be a category other than food videos that the internet adores, it has to be baby videos. We love to see cute little toddlers and their sweet antics on our social media feeds. Recently, we caught a glimpse of a baby struggling to eat with his spoon. The entire clip was too cute to miss! And now, another such young boy has got the internet in splits! The adorable kid was asked by his father for a little piece of his brownie. What he got was a tiny morsel! Take a look at the hilarious video here:

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The clip was shared by the popular page @kidsaretheworst, and it was originally from another account named @mhennessy10. He was the father in the video that featured his son, Ronan Hennessy. “How I share brownies too,” read the header text to the clip. In the clip, we could see the father asking his son for a little piece of his brownie. Although he was very reluctant, he broke off a tiny morsel from the side of the brownie with his two fingers. The father couldn’t help but laugh at the adorable kid and his refusal to share the brownie! “I mean, you did ask for a little piece. Little-erally,” read the caption to the video.

The hilarious clip of the child has gone viral, receiving over 4.8 million views and 126k likes. Several couldn’t control their laughter on seeing the foodie kid and how much he loved his brownies. “The floor is gonna get more than the dad will,” wrote one user while another said, “No eye contact to not get emotional and be forced to give you more!” Another parent laughed, “At least he got some. My kid would just immediately shove the whole thing in their mouth!”

What did you think of the cute kid and the viral video of him shoving the brownie in his mouth? Tell us in the comments.

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