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How To Make Dry Fruit Milk For Winter Health And Immunity – Expert Reveals

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When it comes to health advice, sometimes the wisdom passed onto us through our grandmothers and mothers proves to be the most useful. We have often heard them recommending drinks like haldi doodh and kesar kadha to keep diseases and infections at bay. The Indian kitchen is a storehouse of such ingredients that by their very nature are antiseptic and healing. Sometimes, these home remedies prove more useful in handling seasonal issues than medicines! Luckily, we have found one such recipe for winter health and immunity that you can definitely try. A well-known nutritionist took to Instagram Reels to share her recipe for special dry fruit milk that can be consumed for winter health and immunity.

The Instagram Reel was shared by nutritionist Pooja Bohra, where it received thousands of likes, comments and shares. The dry fruit milk was touted to be a ‘healthy winter booster by the expert. “The ingredients used to make this milk can keep you warm and strengthen your immunity against common winter diseases,” she wrote in the post.

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Dry fruits can be excellent, especially during winter season. Photo: iStock

Why Is Dry Fruit Milk Health? | Health Benefits Of Dry Fruit Milk

The humble dry fruit milk has a plethora of health benefits including keeping you warm and providing a boost to your immunity. It also has known benefits for hair, skin and nails as per the expert. “Dry fruits have vitamins like vitamin E, fats, minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, protein and fibre. It also provides you with energy, protein, vitamins, and essential nutrients good for your hair, nails and skin,” explained Bohra.

If you are trying to up your daily fibre intake, especially during the winter season, there is nothing better than this dry fruit milk. “This milk will provide you with fibre that is helpful in preventing constipation,” wrote Bohra. Further, the sesame seeds used in the making of this recipe are rich in plant-based calcium, thus strengthening bones and building a stronger, healthier you.

How To Make Dry Fruit Milk For Winter Health And Immunity | Dry Fruit Milk Recipe

  • Start by soaking dates, almonds, anjeer, sesame seeds, saffron strands and walnuts overnight.
  • The next morning, remove the almond skins and deseed the dates and add all these ingredients to a blender with some water. Grind till the paste becomes smooth.
  • Next, take a glass and add a pinch of cardamom and cinnamon powder to it. Now, take two big tablespoons of the dry fruit mixture and add it to the glass. Top it up with hot milk and enjoy!

“You can consume this dry fruit milk in the morning in the form of a milkshake or simmer the dry fruits in milk and consume it before going to bed,” suggested the expert.

Watch the full video to know how to make dry fruit milk by Pooja Bohra here:

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